IMAX在电影院当中安装VR街机 这样打怪可还行

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IMAX is installing VR arcade in its IMAX cinema, allowing players to experience a weird sense of themselves in the VR virtual reality after watching the mummy movie. IMAX's VR arcade combines video games and roller coasters into 10 very different experiences, including sitting, standing and walking, which is the attraction of VR.
Game player is not just through the first significant 3D visual effects of 360 degrees, can also vividly hear and feel every moment, once the VR at the beginning of the game, it will be game player to another world, can feel the vibration of a helicopter, a slide on steep slopes and fast rhythm, swing feel uneven surfaces and the accompanying sound effect, which is closely linked with the real life feeling simulation.IMAX正在旗下IMAX电影院当中安装VR街机,让玩家在观看木乃伊电影之后,可以亲自在VR虚拟现实当中体验一把打怪的感觉。IMAX的VR街机将视频游戏和过山车的功能组合成10种非常不同的体验,包括坐姿,站立和走动,这就是VR的吸引力。


IMAX首席执行官Richard L. Gelfond表示,玩家可以购买并且在家中设置HTC Vive,但是花费大量成本,占地面积也不小,并且无法体验到大部分过山车效果,而IMAX VR街机,以极低的花费玩大部分同样的游戏, 更好的是,这一切都发生在电影院,使其成为双重娱乐体验,玩家在观看完汤姆·克鲁斯对付木乃伊的军队之后,在IMAX的VR街机上重新体验电影中一个实际场景,并测试自己的能力。

IMAX目前仅在洛杉矶和纽约部分IMAX电影院提供这种街机。IMAX Richard CEO L. Gelfond said the game player can buy and set the HTC Vive at home, but spend a lot of cost, area is not small, and not be able to experience most of the roller coaster, while the IMAX VR arcade, at a very low cost to play most of the same game, the better is that all this happened in the cinema, make it a double entertainment experience, game player after Tom Curise against the mummy of the army, to experience a real scene in the film in the IMAX VR arcade, and test their ability.
IMAX currently offers the arcade only in some IMAX theaters in Losangeles and New York.

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