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"Who dares to cross a gun? But I'm general peng!" When Zhu De, commander in chief's remarks to a lot of people remember the general Peng shuai! In the "new legend" in this game, many players have such feelings, this is clearly a "knife" jianghu". A "new legend", see how many things, this is a story with a knife. Without this knife, perhaps we should pay more attention to is behind the arena, then the "new legend" this game may give us a reasonable answer, following up and walked into the sword flurry of world!“谁敢横枪勒马?惟我彭大将军!”,当年朱德总司令的一席话让很多人记住了彭大将军的帅才!而在《新开传奇》这款游戏中,很多玩家都有这样的感触,这分明是一个“刀的江湖”。一把“新开传奇”,看尽江湖多少事,这是一把有故事的刀。而抛开这把刀,或许我们更应该关注的是背后的江湖,那么《新开传奇》这款游戏或许能给我们一个合理的答案,下面就一起来走进这刀剑乱舞的世界吧!


"New legend" game is a ARPG game, 3D is the flagship of the visual effects, the combination of dynamic and static characters are particularly relaxation, in addition, regardless of the game or the role of landscape colors, lines design model, it is fresh and beautiful masterpiece.新开传奇游戏是一款ARPG游戏,主打的是3D的视觉效果,人物的动态和静态结合都显得尤为张弛有度,除此之外,不管是游戏风景的色彩绚丽,还是角色模型的纹路设计,都不失为唯美清新的佳作。

We'll see some "new legend" game special effects, can be said that the occupation skill in the game is bright, exquisite and gorgeous, elegant and characters dodge action smoothly, which can bring good experience to the game player.我们再看一些《新开传奇》游戏的特效,可以说职业技能在游戏中是大放异彩,细腻精美且华丽无比,还有人物的轻功动作飘逸流畅,这些都能给玩家带来不错的游戏体验。


Enter the "new legend" in the game, game player will be the grand and magnificent world of martial arts as a shock, full of feelings of the martial arts ARPG game, the game with the highest concept of revenge and eradicate the evil ghost in the two clues spread, game player in the game with the evil forces of wits, rely on a "new a legend" martial arts arena of pesticides, self achievement of a very touching chapter.进入《新开传奇》这款游戏中,玩家们会被这大气磅礴的武侠世界所震撼,作为一款满载武侠情怀的ARPG游戏,游戏以无上观复仇和铲除鬼煞宗这两条线索铺开,玩家在游戏中与邪恶势力斗智斗勇,依靠一把“新开传奇”为江湖武林除害,成就自我的一曲荡气回肠的篇章。


Have to say, "new legend" gaming experience is quite good, there are 3 kinds of occupation for game player choice, Tang door, beggars and Wudang, each occupation has its own advantages of the one and only, which means that the game player can have multiple different fun games, will have different experience in the occupation. Growth.不得不说,《新开传奇》的游戏体验还是相当不错,有3种职业供玩家选择,唐门、丐帮和武当,每一种职业都有自己独一无二的优势,这就意味着玩家可以有多重不同的游戏乐趣,在整个职业的成长也会有不同的体验。


When it comes to "new legend" gameplay features, then need to say? Obviously, the new legend system, and the new legend system is also a reflection of the player's growth path, with the new legend, quality and other levels of continuous improvement, it is the players in the martial arts arena in the process of transformation! "New legend in the hand, I have in the world", this is not an empty talk, of course, the new legend of the exclusive and exclusive Mingwen skills can help game player a helping hand, believe that the "new legend big kill, game player must be invincible, benefited in every way!要说到《新开传奇》的特色玩法,那么还要明说吗?显然是新开传奇系统了,而新开传奇系统也是反映了玩家的成长之路,随着新开传奇品质和等阶的不断提升,正是玩家在武侠江湖中蜕变的过程!“新开传奇在手,天下我有”,这可不是一句空话,当然新开传奇的专属技能和专属铭纹可以助玩家一臂之力,相信有新开传奇这把“大杀器”,玩家一定可以所向披靡,无往不利!


When it comes to the "new legend" of some of the play, you can say that the variety of play is quite a lot, mostly directed at the RMB play! Experience the "new legend" this game players will presumably feel like money flowing, promotion is so slow, at this time, gold ingot can help players a big favor! A variety of "Diamond privileges", "high speed to send gold ingot" activities everything, so that players who like to take the privilege of going to life peak, bend overtaking!要说到《新开传奇》的一些玩法,可以说五花八门的玩法是蛮多的,大多都指向了RMB玩法!体验过《新开传奇》这款游戏的玩家想必都会觉得花钱如流水,提升是如此的缓慢,这时候元宝就能帮玩家一个大忙!各种“钻石特权”、“高倍送元宝”活动应有尽有,让喜欢有特权的玩家走上人生巅峰,弯道超车!


"New legend" this game gimmick is quite good, a new legend will have attracted the attention of the whole game player over, and with a strong martial arts plot and magnificent game scene, hard game player can refuse this "gift", or perhaps the privilege of criticism of the gameplay, in certain circumstances the fairness of the game caused some damage, of course, on the whole game player is still very friendly! If you want to experience the sword, then take advantage of the experience.《新开传奇》这款游戏的噱头是相当不错,一把新开传奇将玩家们的注意力全吸引了过来,而且配上浓郁的武侠情节和华丽的游戏场景,很难说玩家能够拒绝这份“恩赐”,当然比较诟病的或许还是特权玩法,在一定情况下对游戏的公平性造成了一定的伤害,当然整体上对玩家还是很友好的!如果你想体验这刀剑乱舞的江湖,那么就趁早来体验吧。


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